About Us

We engaged in manufacturing and installation of bearing and decorative hardware. Various songs on exclusive projects with maximum regard to client's wishes. Our approach to objects is complex, due shyprokomu scope of our work we clearly and efficiently carry out installation of granite, stainless steel railings, glass. Customer do not need to work with several contractors simultaneously, allowing to save time, nerves and money.

In manufacturing products made of stainless steel, black metal any configuration. There are possibilities of milling, bending, drilling, welding work (arhonna and electric welding), polishing, painting of structural, glossy, powder (polymer) paints. Rustproof metal: polished, satynenyy, piskostruyenyy, mat, coating of titanium nitrite (in gold), the oxidation of metals. Black metal, forged. Ropes, galvanized and stainless steel. Glass (tempered, triplex) with a color toning, shaping, piskostruyennya. Wood (oak, ash, etc.).: Tsilnoskleyene, parquet. Color and tinting treatment. Thread. Granite and marble: the entire spectrum of colors, shapes and configurations, polishing, heat treatment. With granite make: stairs, window sills, Fly tables, facades, fireplaces.

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